We are standing on the threshold of the Golden Age of Writing. Why? Because there are now so few barriers to a writer getting their stories and books into the public eye. At one time, the publishers and retailers had total power over authors and they wielded it mercilessly. All of that has changed and a writer can utilize many tools right from their computer desk to communicate and connect with readers directly. Here's a short video I recently posted on YouTube, on my Book Mentor channel. You can subscribe to both my videos and blog very easily by  following the instructions on either one.



Writing a book is different than writing an article or a blog - it is more permanent somehow and seems to be a more solid reflection of who we are as a person. This must mean that we need to take the entire process more seriously and whatever we write should be something we have expertise and knowledge about. Without doubt, our readers and the world in general, treat a book with much more importance and respect than the somewhat ethereal world of digital writing on blogs and websites. The printed page holds a mysterious power and respect for its permanence and that is exactly why we are writing a book in the first place, is it not?

A non-fiction book should be based on a level of expertise, training and technical ability that the author can demonstrate in both their biography and their writing prowess but just exactly how do we go about discovering what we are "expert" at? We can look to our formal education credentials for starters. Holding a degree in any discipline will automatically confer expert, or at least knowledgeable, status. There are many more areas in which we can search for writing ideas that will offer real value to our readers and that is the most important criteria. Are we providing value for our readers and another way to look at it is this; how will our writing change a reader’s life for the better?

If we consider our credentials for writing in this context, it allows us to look at areas of life that we are interested in, such as hobbies and sports, ancillary skills that we have developed like writing, speaking and training, perhaps travel that we have done, courses we have taken, jobs we have held, computer/internet training that we have undertaken. Look for things that you think people take for granted like editing, punctuation and other writing related skills - not everybody has these. Your longtime enjoyment of gardening, reading, fine wines, good food, weather phenomenon, party planning, photography, recycling, business cycles, the stock market, Roman naval wars, tarot reading, car racing or anything else under the sun, including the sun, can be fodder for your book. If you are interested in something, there is a very strong likelihood that there are other people on the planet who share your passion and want to read the latest book on the subject - yours!

excerpt from, "The B. O. O. K. System"
by Robert J. Bannon



Inspiration is that deeper part of our spirit that emerges when we give ourselves permission to live our dreams




As a book coach, I insist on my clients answering this question before they start writing their book. It is the single most important piece of information that an author needs to know in order to write a book. To see some ways to help you with your answer, check the video below.


Book writing coach, Bob Bannon, offers his half day workshop in Calgary on Saturday, August 21, 2010. The B.O.O.K. System is a highly successful program for organizing and completing a non-fiction book for business professionals, entrepreneurs, life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, professional speakers, technology leaders and innovators. For those people who have been harbouring the idea of writing a book but have not "got around to it," this is the course for you. You will leave with the knowledge and inspiration to to take the leap into authorhood.



As a professional speaker, you recognize the need to have a book that offers your unique perspective on your subject. Nothing gives a speaker more credibility than copies of their book for sale at the back of the room. Your book is also a source of additional speaking engagements in addition to the recognition that you receive from new contacts. If your passion is speaking and the idea of writing a book puts you into a permanent state of procrastination no matter how compelling the argument to create one, then help is at hand.

As a book coach, I specialize in assisting professional speakers become authors. I understand that your strength is the spoken work, but mine is the written one. I have worked with Internationally known speakers to coach them through to their successful books and I can do the same for you. I have developed a system that works and makes the process easy and fast while maintaining the absolute integrity of your own thoughts and ideas.

If you have not created the book you have been thinking about, and perhaps promising for years, then contact me now with a short outline of what you are hoping to accomplish and we will see if it is possible to collaborate on that vital piece that has been missing from your keynotes - your own book!