We all know that to be a successful author we need to sell our books. Many times we need to sell them "one copy at a time." Other times, we are presented with opportunities to bring our book to the attention of agents, publishers, retailers and the media. In other words, we need to create the "elevator pitch." A description of our book that can be told in the time it takes an elevator to rise 5 stories.

Before writing your book pitch, take a close look at your book, then answer the following questions:

  1. What is most interesting or unusual about your book?
  2. What makes your book most memorable?
  3. What are the three most important benefits that readers will receive from your book? (yes, "entertained," is a legit answer)
  4. What differentiates your book from titles on the same or similar subjects?
  5. What are the first responses you receive when you tell people about your book?
  6. What causes people to stop, listen, or say, wow?
  7. What questions do people ask when you tell them about your book?
Use the answers to these questions to fashion your book pitch and you can expect winning results.