Write, Publish and Sell your book - here's how.

Yes, Kim and I are going to present an all new Webinar in January 2013. We are currently working on details but will soon announce that we have decided (just today) that we owe it to our followers, especially those who have been unable to attend in person, this info packed presentation. Here's our original video presentation, but disregard any details about where, when or how long - we will announce that soon.

We are taking the full day workshop and distilling all of the highlights down to two fun and fact-filled hours that will have you ready to move forward. This will be a very focused and fast paced session that is designed to give you all of the steps necessary for becoming the author that lurks inside. If you have been wanting to bring your own book to the world - this will give you the information and inspiration to make it a reality.
Looking forward to seeing you in January 2013. Many more details to follow.