As a book mentor and coach, I take great pride in guiding clients through the process of organizing, focusing and writing their books. I particularly enjoy working with people who are passionate about their work, project, or mission but are unclear about the writing process.

My coaching process is designed to help the new author become very clear on who they are writing to and what they are writing about. From there we move to finding out what the important sections of the book will be and then move easily to the writing itself.

It really is easier than most people think but the truth is, the process and accountability is what makes it easier. Having a book coach who mentors early stage writers through the pitfalls of unfocused writing can make the difference between a book that is unclear and not very successful and one that has an opportunity to change lives, including that of the writer.

If you are interested in discussing your writing project and mention this blog, I will offer you a half price introductory session - $50.00 for a full hour - skype sessions only.