What does it really take to be an author? It takes a high degree of discipline which can sometimes be difficult for the "creative mind." My best advice is to limit your writing time to about one hour per day, especially if discipline is an issue. Turn off all the social media, cellphone, TV, barking puppy ( haven't figured out how yet), empty coffee cup, pencil sharpener and force yourself to sit in front of the computer screen or blank page and if necessary, just stare at it. Yep, just stare at it for an hour, even if you do not write one word. Repeat until unnecessary or you give up on the writing thing.
Remember, everyone says they want to write a book and 95 % hit this spot and do give up. Perhaps you want to give into your creative, or life changing, or world improving desires in some other way. We all have a contribution to make in whatever way makes the most sense and frankly, has the least roadblocks for each of us. It doesn't have to be difficult to be worth doing.