My spouse recently asked me how to start her own book to help people take better photos. I gave her 4 tips on how to start writing a book and they were not what she expected. I have added a post to my website www.RobertJBannon.com and I hope you will click over and take a look. While you are there please sign up for further posts since I am gradually transitioning my thoughts over to it, leave a comment and please share it with others that you think might benefit.



We spend a lot of time as writers trying to decide what to put on the page. We stare at the monitor screen and hope for a revelation, an epiphany or an idea that will lead us to the best writing we have ever done. Staring at the cursor as it hypnotically blinks at us rarely produces a word, let alone a sentence or paragraph. My suggestion is to get out of your chair, put on a pair of shoes and find a park that you can walk in - BY YOURSELF. No distractions but the birds chirping, water gurgling, breezes fluttering, leaves smelling and mind opening, Force a smile on your face, breath deeply and let your senses open to the expansion of creativity. If you have never tried it - what do you have to lose? This is as close to a guarantee as I can get, if you want to know how to become a writer, get outside on a beautiful day and let the world bring inspiration to you.


A quote from one of the world's most successful thought leaders:

"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it - say yes, and learn how later."

                  Richard Branson

Something to think about in this new world we inhabit as writers.



Something kind of neat happened this week. My sister lives in the town we grew up in - about 3000 miles to the east of me ( and a few light light years away in time and space). She was in the local library looking for a book on hiking trails in the area and as she browsed the offerings, lo and behold, she spots my first book on the shelf. She had no idea they stocked my book and neither did I.
The book marketing experts will probably use this as an example of being sure to contact everyone you know from your past and let them know you have written a book - like the library system in your home town for instance. That makes sense I guess. I was just thinking of a few high school English teachers that I should contact with the news that I'm in the local library and my mean, cynical self would add - how about you?
How about you? Have you written your book yet?