non-fiction book writing for busy people

CREATING A BOOK , especially your first one is an experience full of joy, humility, excitement and no small amount of fear. I remember all of that and have based this new guide for aspiring authors on these facts. When I work with coaching clients, some of the same questions and challenges come up over and over again and I've been making notes. In my writing workshops, the audience members express many emotions, doubts and anxieties and look to the front of the room for answers and support...and I've been making notes.

TIPS ON WRITING A BOOK are my stock in trade and I have been doing that in workshops, coaching and blogging but there are many people who are not within reach of my voice. It only made sense to compile what I have learned from clients and workshop attendees and then toss in what I have gleaned from taking college courses, online seminars, reading dozens of books, hundreds of blogs and my own writing career and offer it in a compact format to more people.

MY PROGRAM FOR WRITING A BOOK is easy to understand, logical and uses a step-by-step approach that anyone, regardless of training, can utilize to create your own book. THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR is designed to give you the information needed, when you need it, including a few very revealing and instructional field trips, ideas on how to enhance your expert status, create a bestselling title and answer questions like, "What's your book about?"

IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE AN AUTHOR but are not sure how and where to start, not sure if you are a good enough writer, not sure if you have something unique to say, not sure if you really are an expert in your field, then THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR has been created especially for you.

THE BOOK MENTOR BLOG repeats excerpts from the book from time to time and if you check through the archives, you will find many posts in that category. However, if you want all the information in one place, categorized, organized and detailed then you may want to check out the link on the left hand side of this page and see more information.

THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR is available on Amazon's Kindle format but you don't need a Kindle to read it. Whatever device you are reading this blog on will work if you download the free app from Kindle. You can utilize an I-Pad, Blackberry, PC, Mac or just about anything else and enjoy the convenience and cost savings of reading books on Kindle.

I CHARGE AS MUCH AS $1,000.00 per month for coaching and $300.00 for a half day workshop but you can access much of the same information with THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR for only pennies. 999 of them.



With apologies to my friends and partners at Amazon/Kindle, I needed a headline that would get your attention.  

You don't need a Kindle to buy and read a book from Kindle.

When you click on any book in the Kindle store, you have the option of downloading an app for your PC, Mac, Blackberry, I-Pad or Android device that allows you to see and read any book, at the same low Kindle price, on the same machine that you are reading this.

If you can find and read a blog, email, search engine, etc. you can have access to anything in the Kindle store - the apps are free and you get to enjoy a huge selection of books at a fraction of the instore cost.
On the other hand, you could just buy a Kindle - I paid for mine in cost savings in the first month and would never switch back. And, that's from a lifelong reader who slept with books when nothing else was available.



I have finally released my very personal memoir MY SECRET MOTHER as an e-book on Kindle and that paves the road to release my book for aspiring authors THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR. 

It should be ready this week.

It's almost ready for uploading to the same platform with a hardcopy to follow later this fall but at a lot more money, of course.

Stay tuned because with these two projects in the final stages of completion, much more in the way of ideas and information will be available right here with your friendly, neighborhood Book Mentor.