We all experience disasters. We often equate the word, "disaster" with ships sinking, planes crashing, tornadoes, hurricanes and big newsworthy events that take center stage in the media for a few days. However, each of us experience disasters in our personal lives in ways that are no smaller or less important. These disasters show up in lost jobs, relationship's ended, financial woes, physical and mental health challenges and so many other daily events that are disasters in our own lives but lost to the rest of the world.
Disaster often brings out the writer in us as we want to share the event or story with others. Sometimes we simply get tired of telling the same stories and answering the same questions over and over, and so a book seems to make sense. Disaster, aside from the fictional representations that we find everywhere, has propelled hundreds of people into the ranks of "author." How about you? Have you ever thought that some of your experiences might make fascinating reading for people in similar situations? Many people start down this path but flounder on the way to publication because they don't have a clear picture of what they want to convey to the reader. Here are a few tips gleaned from a publisher about making the case for your book:

1. What myth will this book be busting?
2. What problem will it be solving?
3. What trend is it pointing to?
and most important of all;
Yes, there is room for you to take your experience out into the world and find a willing audience who needs your insight but remember to spend time on the 4 questions above to ensure that the experience is worth your reader's time.