Many of you have reached the point in your writing careers where you are close to finishing your own book. What to do next? You realize that conventional publishers are not breaking down your door with six figure cheques in hand and movie deals in their back pockets. You would still like to make your book available to the public and are considering self publishing.

Perhaps you are a bit apprehensive about what to do next. How do you go about publishing all by yourself? There is a hybrid route that will give you the power and control of self publishing, along with the rights and privileges of keeping what belongs to you in terms of money and future income. My friend, Kim Staflund, of Polished Publishing Group, has created an inexpensive webinar explaining an approach to bringing your book to a waiting audience that includes the support and professionalism of the legacy publishers, while you retain all of the rights of a self publisher.

You can access more information about her webinar by going here

I am looking forward to joining you for her webinar.