Is it just me, or is the internet overflowing with get rich quick schemes involving writing your own e-book? I seem to be getting about a dozen emails, blog postings and outright spams a day telling me how to make a million dollars with an e-book. Now, the fact that I am currently writing 2 of them may have caused this to happen, but...
Here's the thing that blows me away - obviously people are paying good money to get information on e-book marketing programs, webinars and so on. At the heart of this process is the fact that they actually need to sit down and write one. If they are serious about looking at an e-book to improve their profile or create actual wealth, then I would not so humbly suggest that they write a good book. Write a book that people will get value from and one that shows the writer in the best possible light. Showing themselves in the best possible light - because you only get one chance at this - means a well constructed, organized and edited book. It doesn't matter how long it is, if it has grammar, spelling and other mistakes, the buyer will not buy a second offering from them.
So here's the deal, if you are interested in entering into the e-book marketing push that is going on, begin by learning how to write a book. Of course, I have written a book that helps you do that: if you glance to the left hand side of the screen, you will see a picture of the One Hour Author: Non-Fiction Book Writing For Busy People - clicking on the image will take you to the Amazon site to buy it.
Before you begin marketing a book, you need to have one and this will be the fastest way to get there easily with the most professional results. By all means, if you are talking to others who are thinking about the e-book program to move themselves forward, send this to them and get them off on the right foot.