Writer's block seems to be a popular topic to write, blog and whine about. Online forums devote non-forests full of non-wood to it and it crops up whenever serious writers get together. Everyone has a solution - it is almost like having a solution for a hangover. In practice, I think most of us like the prescription - take an aspirin and call me in the morning.

For some people, forgetting about it and moving forward to a new day works, but for most of us who realize that "to be a writer, once must write" it is a different story. One day of leaving it alone too easily turns into a second , a third and then a week has gone by. A couple of ideas spring to mind including:
  • if you have a detailed outline, then you may not feel like writing, but at least you know what needs to be written
  • a walk in nature is guaranteed to open the lines to your creative center, especially if you walk by yourself without the distractions of i-pods, friends and city noise
  • read a good writer in a different genre (call it research if you have to justify it)
  • begin a paragraph on a blank page with, "I don't know what to write..." and force your hand to move through more words for 5 minutes, regardless of what they are - don't reread it, just give in to it
  • if all else fails, a single-malt scotch, a wood burning fireplace and a sleeping dog at your feet.
Relax and trust what your mind is trying to tell you - it's there.