With apologies to my friends and partners at Amazon/Kindle, I needed a headline that would get your attention.  

You don't need a Kindle to buy and read a book from Kindle.

When you click on any book in the Kindle store, you have the option of downloading an app for your PC, Mac, Blackberry, I-Pad or Android device that allows you to see and read any book, at the same low Kindle price, on the same machine that you are reading this.

If you can find and read a blog, email, search engine, etc. you can have access to anything in the Kindle store - the apps are free and you get to enjoy a huge selection of books at a fraction of the instore cost.
On the other hand, you could just buy a Kindle - I paid for mine in cost savings in the first month and would never switch back. And, that's from a lifelong reader who slept with books when nothing else was available.