I am trying to learn more about Google Books and whether or not it is a benefit for authors like you and I. I see that one of my first books is listed there, without a cover, and I am not sure whether I authorized this or not.
  • Have you used Google Books to promote, list and and market your books? 
  • What kind of experience have you had?
  • If you decided against listing there, why?
  • What kind of sales increase have you had - or do you know?
  • Do you know any good, independent information sources about Google Books?
On the surface, anything that helps an author market his or her books would seem to be a good thing but there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding Google's entry. At one point, they wanted to digitize all the books on the planet and make them accessible. I think this project has been tempered somewhat but frankly, I'm unclear where this is going. I have gone on the Google Books site but there is not much information other than the requirement to create yet another account and then upload your books. If you have experience, I and I'm sure everyone else, would benefit from your sharing in the comments area.

Thanks in advance and please consider forwarding this request to other writers that you know so that we can all learn.