"Why write a book? I'm a professional person and I'm already successful, what reason would I have to write a book?"
The obvious, trite and over simplified answer is, because you can. Leaving aside why you should, could, and would write your own book, let's look at one reason that writing your own book would make a big difference in your business life. 

REPUTATION AND STANDING WITHIN YOUR FIELD. You may already be successful in terms of sales and income. You have great knowledge of your product or service, and you are able to find solutions to your client's problems. These are the keys to your success - how risky is it to share them? Won't your competitors learn your secrets and take away your business.

The answer is, yes and no. Yes, you will share some, or most of your skills and assets, but it launches you into a much bigger playing field. You will come to the attention of executives within your own company and in your competitor's companies. Your clients and their connections, however, will now come to see you as the expert in the field. You have written a book. You have established a higher standard. Writing a book automatically confers a status of expertness with it. Your customers and prospects will know this. They want to deal with you, the expert. More referrals, more business, more income - that's the way it works.

You can also  expect to receive invitations to meetings, conferences and conventions and perhaps become a guest speaker or presenter on these occasions. All of this results from using the information you have to create a bigger playing field. Zig Ziglar didn't sit on his hard won skills and information for fear of passing on sales secrets to his competitors - he made his competitors customers! You can too.

There is an easy and fast way to create a book that presents you and your ideas professionally and in a way that will grab attention in those circles that you most want to access.   THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR has been created to accomplish this goal quickly and successfully. It's easy to read and learn the techniques of professionals and move yourself on to the road to success. You can download a PDF to read or print on your own computer here, or you can get a copy to your e-reader, or a printed copy here.

Good luck and keep in mind that writing your own book can replace that tired old business card with a professional and valuable piece of information that your prospects will respect and appreciate for years to come. Some of you are giving away data sticks as business cards - load your book on and make it even more valuable.