How do I actually go about writing a book? I know that I have a great idea for my book but I am not sure about how to organize it, how to outline it, how to divide it into chapters or topics. I am not sure how to create a great title. I am not sure if I have the writing skills or enough unique ideas and thoughts to create a book. I know that I want to write a book, but I need some help and advice to get me started and keep me moving toward the finish line.

Help is at hand with our WRITE, PUBLISH & SELL WORKSHOP.

A few things that are covered in the WRITING portion include:
  • Blueprint
  • "What's your book about?"
  • Objective
  • purpose
  • topics
  • must haves
  • opening sentences
  • Organize
  • map boards
  • targets
  • field trip
  • Know-How
  • best selling titles
  • expert status
  • writing plan
These topics, plus much more, all focused on your writing project and designed to get you from "thinking about it," to actually finishing your book and getting it ready for the publishing process. This is a very hands-on workshop, with lots of feedback, to help you create what you have always wanted - your own book. The only prerequisite is an open attitude and a desire to succeed in finally creating your book.

Yes, you can make a difference in the world, leave a legacy and enhance your credibility and recognition in your industry, in your city, in your world.

Join us for a fabulous day that will move your dream to a reality.

To see more about the workshop and the facilitators, watch our video;