I hope you don't mind a personal note about my own books - I'll be brief. I just received notification from Smashwords that The One Hour Author: non-fiction book writing for busy people has now been accepted into their Premium Catalog. This means that it will shortly be available for purchase in the Apple book store, Sony, the Barnes and Noble Nook, etc. In addition, it is available at Kindle and as a PDF download and on most other e-readers. It means that anyone purchasing the book has lots of different ways to access the information and this makes me happy - I know it will make readers, who are aspiring authors, happy too.
One other note, while I'm patting myself on the, back - I continue to be surprised at the constant sales volume for My Secret Mother, also available on Kindle. I'm doing no promotion but it is apparently hitting a note with readers and other authors - here's a review.
OK, that's it - thanks for the support and I look forward to hearing about your books, too.