WRITING BOOKS should I or shouldn't I?

There is always some guilt around knowing you should write a book and then not taking any action in that direction - “I know I should, I know I should...” This feeling of guilt, combined with the fear of not being able to accomplish the goal, has a tendency to freeze most of us - freeze us in inactivity. It is a vicious circle as we know in our head that we need to do something but we hold ourselves back and then the pressure to move ahead creates even more fear and guilt. Yuck! Let’s go past that today and leave it all behind. We cannot fix the past but we can make a new choice. That is what you are doing right now - making a choice. Choose to write the book that resides within you and know that you will write it well and that you will express that creative side of yourself to help make a difference in the world. In other words, “start at start.”

You may be full of ideas but do not know how to arrange and organize them so that they become a clear and powerful manuscript but until you get started, why should you know how to do it? Let’s look at it this way, you would not still be reading this if you did not feel, at a deep level, that you have something important to share with the world and you are now ready to take the risk of sharing yourself with that world, so let’s get at it.

“The purpose of life is to . . . matter; to feel it has made some difference that we have lived at all.” – Leo Rosten

excerpted from, THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR: non-fiction book writing for busy people