Writing a book is one thing but publishing/marketing/selling it is quite another. Planning, organizing, researching and writing are commitments that compete for our time and resources and there is soooo much information out there that we could spend all of our time reading the offerings of others and don't actually create our own book. I thought that regular readers of this corner might be interested in a list of people and resources that I have found helpful in the past year or so: this is incomplete and I have only included people's websites rather than email addresses for obvious reasons. In a few cases, I have recommended that you send me an email since the person does not have their own website that I know of. I will forward their contact information to you and yours to them. I should note that I have no financial arrangements officially or otherwise (except for one - can you guess?) with any of these people, but have found them to be reliable and honest.

Printers and Publishers
BlitzPrint www.blitzprint.com
CreateSpace (Amazon)  www.createspace.com
Our Little Books www.ourlittlebooks.com
Polished Publishing Group  www.polishedpublishinggroup.com

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Cover Design
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Janice Blaine

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E-Book and Digital platforms
Kindle Direct

Portrait Photographer
Insight Photography

Jillian Lee

Word of Mouth and Relationship Marketing
Theresa de Grosbois

Workshop and Meeting promotion
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If you contact any of these organizations, mention my name. I doubt that you will get any discount but it makes me look good...maybe you too.