During my workshops, I spend some time showing people the characteristics of a best selling book title and how they can use this information for their own books. Here's a few real-life examples of authors and their books who didn't attend my workshop:

Welcome to Your Facelift, by Helen Bransford (1997)

The Lull Before Dorking, Chiswick Press, (1871)

Build Your Own Hindenburg, by Alan Rose (1983)

I Was a Kamikazi, Ryuji Nagatsuka, (1973)

My Invisible Friend Explains the Bible, by J.G. Bogusz, (1971)

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Personal View, by Henry Janowitz, (1985)

Who's Who in Barbed Wire, Rabbit Ear Publishing, (1970)

Pooh Gets Stuck, by Isabel Gaines, (1998)

and the always entertaining,

Beyond Leaf Raking, by Peter Benson, (1993)