I have two children but have never given birth. I have written and released four books and in some ways that might be a little bit like giving birth. What gives me a real kick these days is seeing people that I have had the pleasure of working with in some way releasing their own books. A bit like seeing the kids move out perhaps? Another one moved out today into the brave new world of authoring.

Here's a nice note that author Matthew Bryan sent me today:

"Matthew Bryan has sent you a message.
Date: 5/13/2013
Subject: published my book
I can't believe the things that fell into place in a year. After talking to you things have been dropping in exactly when and where I needed them. I'm completely self-published now and so many things all lead back to the advice you gave me. I contacted Wil Wheaton - that led me to finding my cover artist, editor and copy-editor. Which led me to being self-published and being involved in a short-story project. Also led to meeting over a dozen other authors who have had SO much advice and suggestions for me. It all leads back to our meeting.

So thank you!! I tell SO many people about you and the impact it had because that is one of the questions I get asked. How did it all come about. So.. it's all your fault :D LOL

I still would love to get together with you and Jack Whyte over scotch and listen to the stories!! :D

Seriously though, thank you. You had a tremendous impact on my journey to becoming published.

In addition, Andrea Davis will have her book in print in about a week
Survival Was Only The Beginning
     A Costa Concordia Story
She should be on the various e-book sites shortly too.
You can find Andrea here:
and other places too.
And the beat keeps going on. This is just in the last few weeks. I hope you are busy finding an audience and getting your book finished, too. If not, let me know - I'll try and help.