It is always about the reader, about the customer, about the buyer, about the end user and sorry about the "STUPID."

As authors it is sometimes easy to forget that we are writing for someone else and yes, I know about the phrase that we have to write for ourselves. Today, the art of creating a book is really all about who will read it, who will benefit from it (besides the author, the publisher, the printer, the storekeeper and the candlestick maker). If we keep in mind that we are writing TO A READER and that the reader is looking for value in either entertainment or information (or both), then we will be well on our way to creating something worthwhile in a very noisy marketplace. So, here's the lesson, clearly define who is going to read your book and write it to them - even better if you can imagine your ONE ideal reader and write it for that person.

What would happen if textbooks were written that way...perish the thought and lack of publisher profits. How can you tell I have a daughter in university?
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